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The history of comics includes a great deal of sexy heroines. From the chaste Jane to the science fiction Barbarella. Many of them come from Italy: see Valentina, by Crepax (recently died); Mona Street by Frollo, and Manara’s characters. Alula Be Bop, however, has a particular characteristic of her own, which makes her different from the other characters, of comics and of the movies. And also different from any real woman, although she looks very much like the famous porn star SaRenna Lee.

By the way, destiny decided that resemblance, not Max Capogna, Alula’s comics creator including Alula was born as a pure erotic charge, which breaks out not only from her superabundant figure but also from her attitude, always definitely open to all possibilities of eroticism. Provoking by nature, yet innocent in her attitude, Alula goes across time, space and characters, apparently unaffected, candid, and immediately available for any adventure with no bar: with men, women and beings of any nature, active or passive, sadist or masochistic. Her body always exceeds any wish and any fantasy, in spite of every attempt to subdue her, torture her or satiate her. Alula is a fetishist for her nature: any object of adoration, girdles, g-strings, minidresses, leather corsets, leather suits, chains and stiletto heels, boots, collars and leashes, all fit perfectly to her.

Yet They could never cover her, lock her up or subjugate her. While fitting in any fetish, Alula goes beyond any object, any cage, and any desire. Natalia and Alula Be Bop are coupled by an indissoluble spiritual and erotic twinning. It would be hard to say whether Alul represents Natalia’s soul or the contrary. It is very striking, however, overwatch porn videos, that Alula is irresistibly attracted by Natalia’s carnality, enclosed by sensual rubber. And that Natalia is at the same time fatally attracted by Alula’s clear, absolute eroticism.

As for us, every time we slip into a pair of XXX leather boots or a latex suit, dreaming of being Natalia, we are really trying to wake up the Alula who is inside us with porno maduras, and we are intending to imitate her without reaching her. Therefore, Alula is bound to be our dream and our model